Fall Conference 2016 Special Edition

Fall Conference 2016 Special Edition

This weekend is the Patterson School’s annual Fall Conference, with Africa as this year’s theme.  For the conference, we put together a special edition of the magazine, “African Approaches to Development and Security,” with articles from Patterson students who have either spent time studying or working in Africa.

From first year Patterson student Bukie Olokun, “The Effects of Terrorism on Children in Nigeria.”

By first year Pattersonite Kimberly Donohue, “South Africa’s Private Security Industry: The Commodification of Crime and the Luxury of Safety.”

Contributed by second year student Alex Keedy, “A Case Study: Zimbabwe.”

From second year Pattersonite Liz Renzaglia, “Ethiopia Country Study.”

Written by second year Patt student Randy Troyer, “Saving South Sudan: Examining South Sudan’s Broken Economy.”

And finally, from second year student and Editor-in-Chief Marc DuBois, “Equatorial Guinea: Classification of a Personalist Autocracy.”

Please follow the link at the top to see the special edition, we have some great contributions this year!

Again, thanks so much!

-Patterson Journal Magazine Editorial Board


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